World Peace Day Celebrating Through Literature and Music


World Peace Day, observed globally on September 21st, stands as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to promote peace and harmony in a world often marked by conflict and discord. It is a day when nations, communities, and individuals come together to envision a world where cooperation and understanding prevail over hostility and division. On this significant occasion, the India Peace Centre, in collaboration with the Nagpur Book Club and Aamozish-e-Urdu, is thrilled to announce a special gathering. This event, set against the backdrop of the tranquil Blessings Lawns near the India Peace Centre in Nagpur, will delve into the profound influence of literature and music in advocating for peace. Eminent scholars, renowned authors, and exceptionally talented artists will converge to inspire unity and harmony on this momentous World Peace Day.

World Peace Day

The Power of Art in Advocating for Peace on World Peace Day:

Literature: A Beacon of Peace:

In this section, we will delve into the influential role of literature in advocating for peace on the occasion of World Peace Day.

World Peace Day serves as a poignant reminder that literature has long been a beacon of hope and change in the quest for global peace. It is through the written word that ideas take root, minds are enlightened, and empathy is nurtured. Literature has the unique ability to transcend borders, cultures, and languages, connecting people on a profound level. As we explore the profound influence of literature in advocating for peace, we are reminded that words can be powerful instruments of change.

Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Hind Swaraj’ Reviewer: Shyam Pandharipande

On this World Peace Day, we pay homage to one of the most iconic figures in the history of peace and non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi. His work, “हिंदस्वराज” (Hind Swaraj), remains an enduring masterpiece that champions the principles of self-governance, non-violence, and truth. Shyam Pandharipande, an esteemed journalist and social activist, provides a thought-provoking review of this seminal work.

“Hind Swaraj” is not merely a historical artifact but a living testament to the power of Gandhian ideals. It encourages us to reflect on the timeless relevance of his teachings, especially on World Peace Day. Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence (Ahimsa) and his commitment to social justice continue to inspire generations worldwide. Shyam Pandharipande’s review invites us to delve into the profound wisdom contained within this book and consider how these principles can guide us toward global peace.

‘Remnants of a Separation’ Reviewer: Monica Dixit

“A History of the Partition through Material Memory,” reviewed by Monica Dixit, delves into the memories and tangible remnants of India’s partition in 1947. Aanchal Malhotra’s work serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of historical events on individuals and communities. It emphasizes reconciliation and empathy, two essential elements in the pursuit of lasting peace.

As we commemorate World Peace Day, the message of “Remnants of a Separation” resonates deeply. It prompts us to reflect on the importance of understanding and unity in our diverse world. Monica Dixit’s review highlights the profound impact of literature in fostering empathy and compassion, key ingredients in building a more peaceful world. This book encourages us to acknowledge the shared history of humanity and work towards healing the wounds of the past.

‘The Great Derangement: Climate Change’ Reviewer: Dr. Supantha Bhattacharya

Climate change, one of the most pressing global challenges of our time, takes center stage on World Peace Day. Amitav Ghosh’s “The Great Derangement,” explored by Dr. Supantha Bhattacharya, challenges us to confront the urgency of climate change and its implications for peace and stability.

Ghosh’s thought-provoking work serves as a call to action for environmental sustainability and global harmony. On World Peace Day, Dr. Bhattacharya’s review encourages us to consider the interconnectedness of environmental issues and peace. Climate change can exacerbate conflicts over resources, displacement, and migration, making it a critical concern for the peace community. This book inspires us to recognize the importance of addressing climate change as a fundamental step towards a more harmonious world.

Harmonious Melodies for World Peace Day

In this section, we will explore the captivating world of music and its profound ability to inspire peace and unity, particularly on World Peace Day.

A Symphony of Peace

The musical extravaganza planned for World Peace Day promises to be an enchanting experience, featuring a lineup of exceptionally talented artists from diverse backgrounds and genres. Each artist, including Kovid Sonawne, Anmol, Bhoumik Patle, Kapil Sawaikar, Kikon, Mohnish, Saurabh, Sonal Hikare, Sonia Lamba, Subhajit Kundu, Sakshi Devte, Ashish Tamakhe, Sheetal, Parvinder Singh, Rashmi, Alefia Master, Sonal Bisen, Dr. Supantha Bhattacharya, Rajesh Jadav, and many others, will grace the stage with performances that resonate with the theme of peace.

The Universal Language of Music

Music has long been hailed as the universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. On World Peace Day, this universal language takes on special significance as it unites people from different walks of life. The diverse lineup of artists reflects the multicultural fabric of our world, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchange and understanding.

Kovid Sonawne, known for his soul-stirring melodies, brings a touch of serenity to World Peace Day. Anmol, with their vibrant rhythms, reminds us of the joy of coming together in celebration. Bhoumik Patle’s compositions carry messages of hope and resilience, perfect for a day dedicated to peace. Kapil Sawaikar, Kikon, Mohnish, and Saurabh contribute their unique styles, creating a musical tapestry that resonates with the audience’s hearts and souls.

Inspiring Messages through Music

The performances on World Peace Day are not merely entertainment; they are powerful expressions of the human spirit. Music has the capacity to evoke emotions, convey messages, and inspire change. Each artist brings their unique perspective to the theme of peace, using their musical talents to communicate ideas and aspirations.

Sonal Hikare, Sonia Lamba, Subhajit Kundu, and Sakshi Devte use their voices to convey messages of unity, love, and harmony. Ashish Tamakhe, Sheetal, Parvinder Singh, and Rashmi infuse their compositions with themes of resilience and hope, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, peace is achievable. Alefia Master, Sonal Bisen, Dr. Supantha Bhattacharya, and Rajesh Jadav add their distinctive voices and instruments to the symphony of peace, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates with the audience’s hearts and souls.

Join Us in Celebrating World Peace Day:

Date and Time

Mark your calendar for 21st September 2023, the day when the world unites in celebration of World Peace Day. The event will commence at 5:30 PM, allowing attendees ample time to arrive and immerse themselves in the experience.


The event will take place at Blessings Lawns, Civil Lines, Nagpur. This serene and picturesque location, adjacent to the India Peace Centre, provides the perfect backdrop for a day dedicated to peace and harmony on World Peace Day.


While attending this inspiring event is free of charge, registration is mandatory. We strongly encourage all peace-loving individuals to secure their spots by registering online at Event Registration or by sending a WhatsApp message to the event coordinator, at 96730 08391. Your registration not only ensures your place at this memorable event but also contributes to the efficient planning and organization of World Peace Day festivities.

About the Organizers of World Peace Day:

India Peace Centre

The India Peace Centre is a distinguished institution with a steadfast dedication to fostering peace, unity, and social cohesion. Through various initiatives and events, the center aims to inspire individuals and communities. They aim to work towards a more peaceful and compassionate world. On World Peace Day, the India Peace Centre’s dedication to peace takes center stage. It serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change in the community and beyond.

Nagpur Book Club

The Nagpur Book Club constitutes a lively gathering of literature enthusiasts and devoted readers who are passionately engaged in exploring and cherishing the world of literary works. The club regularly organizes events, discussions, and activities to foster a love for reading and intellectual discourse. On World Peace Day, the Nagpur Book Club’s involvement underscores that literature is not solitary but communal. It fosters conversations, challenges assumptions, and inspires action.


Aamozish-e-Urdu stands as a dedicated platform. Its mission is the preservation and elevation of the Urdu language and its invaluable literary legacy. Through various educational endeavors and cultural events, Aamozish-e-Urdu actively fosters awareness and admiration for Urdu literature and artistic expressions. The richness of language and culture, epitomized by Urdu, serves as a potent source of unity and understanding. It aligns with the spirit of World Peace Day.

Conclusion – Embracing Peace for a Better World on World Peace Day

In conclusion, this special gathering on World Peace Day promises to be a memorable celebration. Esteemed scholars will review impactful books, and talented artists will perform melodies of peace. It showcases the profound influence of these art forms in advocating for a more harmonious world. This message resounds deeply on World Peace Day.

On September 21st, 2023, join us in Nagpur. Become agents of peace, spread unity and compassion through the written word and the beauty of music. World Peace Day offers a unique opportunity. It allows us to reflect on the role of literature and music. They inspire positive change and promote harmony in our world.

In a world often marked by division and conflict, events like this remind us of the transformative power of art and culture. Through literature and music, we can transcend boundaries, foster understanding, and work towards a better world for all. Let’s come together on World Peace Day. Celebrate the profound impact of these artistic expressions. In doing so, reaffirm our commitment to a more peaceful and harmonious future.

This event is not just a one-time celebration; it is a call to action. It invites each of us to reflect on how we can be agents of peace in our own lives and communities. Whether through the written word or the power of music, we all have the capacity to inspire positive change. This contribution can lead to a more peaceful world. Mark your calendars. Register for the event. Join us on September 21st to celebrate peace, unity, and the enduring power of literature and music. Together, we can make a profound difference and truly embrace the ideals of World Peace Day.

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