Experience the Future of Transit with Namo Bharat Train Services


The launch of Namo Bharat train services on the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor heralds a new era of high-speed, sustainable and comfortable public transportation in India. On October 21, 2023, the very first Namo Bharat trains will commence operations between Sahibabad and Duhai Depot, marking a monumental leap in connectivity for National Capital Region residents.

Offering speeds of up to 180 kmph, Namo Bharat trains will cut travel times between key NCR cities drastically. This trailblazing semi-high-speed rail network aims to provide faster, safer, cleaner and more comfortable transit, thereby elevating the quality of life across the region.

Exploring the Revolutionary Namo Bharat Train Services Network:

The 82 km Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor will have 25 stations, with the initial 17 km stretch between Sahibabad and Duhai having 5 stations. Namo Bharat trains will ply every 15 minutes from 6 AM to 11 PM at a top speed of 180 kmph, completing the entire journey in just 60 minutes.

The Namo Bharat network incorporates sustainability, accessibility, safety and passenger-centricity into its design. Traveling on these trains is set to be a highly satisfactory experience thanks to various state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Salient Features of Namo Bharat Trains for Smooth Rides:

Equipped with cutting-edge features, Namo Bharat trains score high on every aspect of convenience and comfort.

Speeds up to 180 kmph:

The top speed of 180 kmph coupled with an average speed of 100 kmph ensures significantly faster point-to-point commutes. For example, Sahibabad to Duhai now takes just 12 minutes as compared to 30-45 minutes by road.

Air Conditioned Coaches:

Air conditioning makes summer journeys pleasant. Ergonomic seats with ample leg space allow comfortable long distance travel.

Dedicated Luggage Areas:

Overhead racks and baggage cars provide designated spaces to stow away luggage conveniently.

Charging Points and Free WiFi:

In-coach charging points and free WiFi connectivity allow passengers to stay productive and entertained during the commute.

Clean Toilets and Diaper Stations:

Clean, well-maintained toilets on both station levels offer convenience. Diaper changing stations in ladies’ washrooms cater to mothers.

Vending Machines and Water Dispensers:

Self-service vending machines reduce queues and waiting times. RO water dispensers provide access to purified drinking water.

Platform Screen Doors:

Platform screen doors that align with train door openings enhance platform safety.

Security Systems:

Extensive CCTV cameras, X-ray baggage screening and metal detectors at entry points ensure foolproof security 24×7.

Parking Facilities:

Adequate parking with e-ticketing enables easy multimodal access to stations.

Accessibility for Disabled:

Wheelchair spaces, stretchers and lower berths in every coach enable disabled-friendly travel.

Customer Service

24×7 helpdesk support and on-ground staff assist travelers with ticketing, lost & found, emergencies etc.

How Traveling by Namo Bharat Trains Transforms Your Commute:

Namo Bharat Train Services (Experience the Future of Transit)

Choosing Namo Bharat trains over other modes of transit provides a multitude of benefits that simplify daily travel.

Saves Time:

Cover long distances in a fraction of usual time, reaching destinations faster. Make the most of your day.

Reduces Vehicular Pollution:

Lower emissions due to fewer vehicles, enabling better air quality across the NCR.

Decongests Roads:

Less traffic congestion from daily commuters switching to speedy rail network.

Reliable Transit:

Dedicated tracks eliminate disruptions, ensuring consistent punctuality.

Enhanced Last-Mile Connectivity:

Integrated feeder systems like e-rickshaws, buses provide easy access from stations.

Safety and Security:

Dedicated security force, CCTV surveillance and emergency communication systems heighten security 24×7.

Travel in Comfort:

Pleasant journeys even in peak summer thanks to AC coaches, ergonomic seats, onboard facilities etc.

Universal Accessibility:

Travel made easy for women, children, elderly, disabled through dedicated provisions.

Integrated Transit:

Seamless switching between rail, metro, bus, auto and personal vehicles at multimodal hubs.

Promotes Tourism:

Faster connectivity gives a fillip to leisure tourism across Delhi NCR.

Step-by-Step Guide to Plan Your Maiden Namo Bharat Trip:

Here are some useful tips to help you plan your very first journey on Namo Bharat trains:

Check Train Timings:

Visit rrts.in or use the RailMadrid X app to find schedules and train frequencies.

Book E-Tickets in Advance:

Reserve tickets online via IRCTC website /app to skip queues and save time.

Arrive Early at Station:

Reach station 45 minutes in advance, especially on the busy inaugural day.

Locate Your Platform:

Reach assigned platform 2 minutes before the train arrival time. Check indicator screens.

Board Train Safely:

Let passengers alight first. Maintain orderly queuing discipline.

Stow Luggage Conveniently:

Use overhead racks or baggage car to store large luggage items.

Follow On-Board Protocols:

Adhere to all rules and cooperate with authorities for smooth operations.

Alight Carefully:

Move to exit just before your station arrives.

Share Your Feedback:

Post your travel experience on social media or customer channels.

Anticipate the Unforgettable on Namo Bharat Train Services Inaugural Day:

On the momentous inaugural run between Sahibabad and Duhai Depot on October 21, 2023, passengers can expect:

Launch Day Festivities:

Decorated stations, cultural programs, entertainment activities etc. to mark the special day.

Commemorative Tickets:

Special inaugural day tickets as souvenirs of the memorable occasion.

Heavy Footfall:

Large crowds expected. Arrive early to avoid delays in security screening and ticket purchase.

Extensive Media Presence:

Massive media coverage of the high-profile launch event.

Timely Travel:

Use non-peak hours for a comfortable, uncrowded inaugural ride. Check schedules and allow buffer time.

Advance Ticket Booking:

Book online or use TVMs to skip queues. Carry e-ticket on phone for contactless entry.

Cooperation with Authorities

Follow all protocols for smooth operations. Relish celebratory atmosphere!

The Road Ahead for Namo Bharat Train Services:

The inaugural run marks just the beginning of an expanding network of Namo Bharat trains. Developments in the pipeline:

Launch of Delhi-Meerut Corridor:

The entire 82 km Delhi-Meerut route to become fully operational by 2025 with 25 stations.

Network Expansion Across NCR

Launch of multiple new RRTS corridors to connect major NCR cities on the horizon.

Economic Growth Catalyst:

Enhanced connectivity between business hubs and economic clusters to spur development.

Integrated Feeder Systems:

Last-mile connectivity via cycle tracks, e-rickshaws, pedestrian skywalks etc.

Transit-Oriented Development:

Redevelopment of areas around stations into high-density mixed-use precincts.

Sustainability Focus:

Ongoing integration of renewable energy, green technology, recycling etc.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Adoption of innovations like AI, automated surveillance, 5G etc. to enhance efficiency.

Enhanced Safety Standards:

Continued upgrading of safety and security systems.

World-Class Maintenance:

Meeting global benchmarks of cleanliness, sanitation and upkeep.


The launch of Namo Bharat train services heralds a new era in Indian public transit. It lays the foundation for India to continue building sophisticated rapid transit networks that shape the future of mobility. Equipped with cutting-edge amenities and a passenger-first ethos, Namo Bharat trains are a source of immense national pride and achievement.

Offering advantages like high speeds, enhanced connectivity, reliability, safety, comfort and accessibility, Namo Bharat is set to transform the daily commute for the better. Traveling on the historic inaugural day allows experiencing the excitement first-hand.

While the very first run marks just the beginning, the future holds tremendous promise for network expansion across NCR and integration with feeder systems for the last-mile. With its pioneering approach, Namo Bharat aims to establish new benchmarks in sustainable mobility and seamless regional connectivity.

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